In the Terra del Piave,
a sip of passion ...

“Love for our land and passion for wine are essential prerequisites
that have always guided us in the continuous search for quality.
Over time, the constant word-of-mouth of those who chose our wines was for us
the best business card: today we are linked to our customers and friends by a solid
relationship of trust: trust in the commitment with which we work in the vineyard and in the cellar
and trust in the quality and authenticity of the wines we produce. “

Massimiliano Basei
Founder of the farm

In our wines there are stories of peasant life, at work in the vineyards and fields and, with each sip, the authentic link with the wine vocation and the ancient wine tradition of our land is rediscovered.

A story of passion and scrupulous search for quality

The adventure begins in the Terra del Piave, in the characteristic rural house of the Basei family overlooking the road once traveled by ancient Postumia, a noble reminder of the prestigious Roman civilization.
It is father Massimiliano to undertake, already from the age of 17, the adventure started by grandfather Pietro in the small cellar at home. And it is precisely here that Massimiliano begins to learn about wine and to work it according to tradition, animated by a lively passion for the land and for the places where he grew up.
Thanks to his enthusiasm and with the precious help of his wife Anna, the small vineyard
grows with the acquisition of land in the Grave del Piave, the winery expands
to give the right space to the different qualities of wine produced and over time
the processing techniques and the careful vinification style are perfected.

Our adventure continues uphill today, proud and grateful for the valuable advice of Father Massimiliano who has always guided us in the continuous search for the harmonious balance between unique and intoxicating flavors and aromas, to be savored sip after sip.