Wines of the Piave

Data sheet

The strong and austere native who tells the story of the “People of the Piave”.
In “One hundred and ten memories that make up the good villa factor” (1679) Jacopo Agostinetti wrote:
“Here in our country, which mostly make black wines for Venetia of black grapes called Recandina,
others call it Rabosa to be a strong grape … “
Of ancient origin, its cultivation dates back to Roman times and has been the wine over the centuries
of the noble palaces of Venice; the only one exported from the Serenissima to the East and found in 1880
in the cellars of wealthy Englishmen.
It is a wine of great and marked personality, which does not fear the passage of time and which intimidates
for its strong and austere character, with its typical sour note that has always distinguished it.


Recommended recipe: Late radicchio with vinegar sopressa